About A(r)telier/Studio COCON

This atelier/studio is situated on the pedagogical farm, la Caille, in the center of France. For all of their creations, the founders of this project use the Waldorf pedagogy. //www.steiner-waldorf.org/ecoles_steiner/moulins.

as inspiration:

The atelier/studio is part of the association ARTeLIERs, which was recently created from several other arteliers functioning around Waldorf school La Mhotte. See website for more information at école de Lamhotte and 'la Douce lumiere' (site in progress) for beautiful beeswax candles.

All profits are returned to this "Waldorf pedagogic", in material or financial support.

All activity in the atelier is aimed at the production of responsible, child friendly toys, in which the Zonnekind (Sunshine) dolls; http://zonnekindpoppen.nl/ feature prominently.

In the atelier, there are also classes given to individuals or to groups. Several accomodations are availble on la Caille including a small camping site, and a "gite de groupe" (family friendly lodge), "l'Héberge"; everything is possible here.

Do you want to know more? 

Send us an email at: post@lacaille.org 

Or call us on: 0033470439898 or 0031653259496.